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Vortex Mathematics:

God's Universal Language

In the beginning, God created zero-point mathematics.  It was His universal language of choice as He engineered the fabric of creation,  and until recently, no one else was speaking it.

Come join me, Steven Bauer, as we bravely attempt to explore and explain the fractal mathematics God uses to model the quantum realm.

Functions flow fiercely, ratios are golden and complex.  Nothing is as it seems, and yet intuition and logic  allow us to delve deeply into the mysteries of God.

The beauty and power of a mathematician is found within their mind.  Their God given creative ability is to translate the unknown into the known.

We will stand on the shoulders of giants, some present, some past.  There will be challenges and dead ends along the way, but if we were to know the end of the journey before we started, we might never begin.

Why? How? What?

Why are we here?

We are here to make God famous in the realms of math and physics.  He is the Grand Engineer, the Father of Lights, the Creator of All.

If there really is an Intelligent Designer of the universe, we should want to know Him and why He made us.

How will we do it?

We will connect Biblical scriptures to universal mathematical concepts showing that there is evidence of an Intelligent Designer.

This is the kind of math that mathematicians dream about.  Literally.

What are our methods?

We begin with cyclical mathematics, better known as modular arithmetic.

From there, we progress through the study of Number Organization as it relates to fractals.

Finally, we finish with an introduction to an Information Based Theory of Existence.

My Life Mission

To explore and explain the hidden numerical synchronizations which govern the universe.

They are there hidden as jewels buried in the sands of time, meant for mankind to discover, providing unending evidence of a loving and all-knowing Creator.

Solving the Mysteries of the Universe On

Reviews and Endorsements

“For many years I have known Steve.  In those years, he has had two major passions that burn inside of him: Jesus and Math.


It is odd when you think of the two of those together; however, Steve is able to dive deep to prove that there is a Creator and that He really does care for us.


Take this journey into Vortex Based Mathematics! I promise you won't be disappointed!”

Brandon Brouwer

“Steve's written works inspire me each time I read them.  As a mathematics, philosophy, and theology enthusiast, I can't get enough of the way Steve sheds light on topics in God's Word while unraveling the way the universe was created through math.


I highly recommend these books to anyone who wants to grow their faith and walk with Jesus Christ as well as those seeking truth and answers to their longing questions.


These works are nothing less than an unapologetic approach to the gospel and the incredible inerrancy of scripture found in the natural world and reason.”

Nate Timmer

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