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A Biblical Perspective

Come join me, Steven Bauer, on the adventure of a lifetime as we explore and expand upon the work of Marko Rodin, founder of Vortex Based Mathematics.  If you consider yourself to be an average “too cool for school” human, then maybe you should run away in fear or boredom, but if you see yourself as a hardcore nerd, filled with the desire to crunch numbers, find the numerical answer to the mystery of existence (Spoiler: it’s not 42), and even throw in a little philosophical/religious discussion, then grab the popcorn.


This is the kind of math that real mathematicians dream about.  Cutting edge mathematical solutions in the field of Vortex Based Mathematics are part of our attempt to help mankind find its way to a Grand Unified Theory, something that even Einstein couldn’t quite lay hold of in its entirety.  Functions flow fiercely, ratios are golden and complex, all while laying the mathematical framework for an Information Based Theory of Existence.  It’s something you won’t want to miss.


Table of Contents

​Chapter 1 – Introduction

Chapter 2 – Modular Arithmetic

Chapter 3 – Letting the Functions Flow

Chapter 4 – Complex Modular Arithmetic

Chapter 5 – Form Versus Function

Chapter 6 – Poetry in Motion

Chapter 7 – Pi, The Transcendental?

Chapter 8 – Euler’s Tau-ist Identity

Chapter 9 – The Golden Ratio

Chapter 10 – The Big Fib

Chapter 11 – Complex Modular Arithmetic Part II

Chapter 12 – Exponential Functions

Chapter 13 – Logarithmic Functions

Chapter 14 – Toroidal Number Maps

Chapter 15 – Higher Dimensions

Chapter 16 – Amplifiers

Chapter 17 – The Bauer Identity

Chapter 18 – A Phi Lattice

Chapter 19 – Biblical Constants

Chapter 20 – Electron Orbitals

Chapter 21 – Musical Theory

Chapter 22 – A Golden Cube

Chapter 23 – The Golden Gate Bridge

Chapter 24 – Non-Linear Dynamics

Chapter 25 – Conclusion

Appendix A — 48 Complex Rodin Symbols

Appendix B — Toroidal Number Maps

Appendix C  — Amplifiers



Foreword Written By Dave Blough

Math - mankind’s never-ending search for meaning and purpose in the physical universe through the recognition and application of patterns.  Unlike the five-year mission of the Starship Enterprise crew, our mission to “boldly go where no one has gone before” will likely continue on for the duration of the human race.  It is mathematics, not a starship; that carries us there.

The beauty of the universe is on display for all to see, like a movie.  Similar to movie characters though, the universe seen this way remains beautiful but distant.  A book is required to flesh out the little quirks and nuances of each character’s personality and this deeper look allows them to become our cherished friends, who are no longer distant but very close and important to us.  Mathematics allows those willing to look closer the book version, if you will, of the universe.  We get to know it at a more intimate level and cherish its “inner beauty” like we do with all good friends.

Steven has been using mathematics to read the “book version” of the universe since I first met him as a 16-year-old independent study pre-calculus student in my high school calculus class.  His search for understanding through mathematics and subsequent findings, have brought Steven to a point where he decided to write his own mathematics book to share with others.  In this book, Steven gives us new “mathematical glasses” to see through.  This new lens provides the reader with an alternative mathematical framework: one which opens us up to new connections in the world around us and contemplate the possibility of many, many more throughout the universe at large.

I am blessed to count Steven as a friend.  Through countless discussions over the years, Steven’s mathematical thoughts and ideas have enriched my life by adding vibrant colors to see and new vistas to explore.  I know it is his hope that through this book he can help do the same for you.  Enjoy the journey!

. . . oh, and as always, thank you Steven for choosing to take the “red pill”!

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