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Steven A A Bauer


Hello and welcome.


My name is Steven Bauer.

I hold an undergraduate degree in general mathematics; however, I am also a self-taught mathematician.  Because of this, I use an unorthodox and creative approach to solving life's grandest questions.  It is in the arena of independent study that I have been able to take calculated risks along the way that many would not otherwise.  Much of my work is cutting edge research in the fields of math, physics, and quantum computing.  Sharing Vortex Mathematics with the world is my life's mission.

Shortly after graduating from university in December 2012, I stumbled onto the work of Marko Rodin, followed by the work of Doug Vogt.  The discovery of these two scientists jump-started my quest for an Information Based Theory of Existence.  Rodin's work gave me the mathematical framework I needed to generate many of the ideas found within my first book, A Biblical Perspective.  From there Vogt's work inspired me to rewrite the fundamental constants of physics in a new and profound way as found in Infinite Subdivisions.

People will ask me what initially compelled me to follow their work.  Put simply: they are two of the greatest minds of our generation.  This is usually followed up by the question: "What caused you to want to add to their work?"  As a mathematician with an insatiable curiosity, it all started with the desire to calculate a square root modulo 9.  From there, my curiosity grew, until the present where it is such a passion that it has become a purpose.  I have such a love for it that I even have dreams about Vortex Math while asleep at night.  If you choose to read my books, you will encounter some of the dreams that have shaped my life and understanding of the universe.

Mission and Beliefs

To explore and explain the hidden numerical synchronizations which govern the fabric of the universe using algebraic fractals.

Our home is un-random, a cosmic clock which is built with numerical relativity and Godly precision.

Intelligent Design in the form of an Information Based Theory of Existence is self-evident based on supernatural number patterns found embedded in Vortex Mathematics.

The Place Where Spirituality

And Mathematics Unite

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Steven Bauer

Vortex Mathematician

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