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Many of the ideas within my work are original, though I do draw inspiration from other mathematicians and scientists.  I am a byproduct of all those around me, a carrier of the torch of those who have gone on before me.  It is in and through the collaboration of people and ideas that we each grow and together deepen our understanding.  In my books, I have done my best to delineate where my work is original and where credit should be given to those who have gone before me.

A Biblical Perspective is an attempt to review and expand upon the work of Marko Rodin, founder of Vortex Based Mathematics.  This is perhaps the most fascinating mathematics I have ever seen and it is my deepest desire to see it permeate every area of society.  The various components that make up VBM draw influence from traditional ideas, but it is a paradigm shift in how we view these ideas that makes a new, unique area of study.


In my opinion, some of the ideas introduced by Marko are as big as the invention of algebra.  He inspired me to further explore the idea that numbers can hold stationary while functions flow through them.  This is diametrically opposed to the standard view of mathematics where functions remain stationary and numbers flow through them, but it appears to be consistent with the laws of nature, and as such, should be explored at every opportunity if we are to gain further understanding of how the world works.

I’d also like to recognize Douglas B. Vogt for his work on an Information Based Theory of Existence.  His connection of toroids to the Hebrew language may be the single greatest scientific feat this side of heaven.  If correct, it unequivocally demonstrates that the Bible is a supernaturally inspired document as the patterns contained within are not humanly possible, but are the work of an all-knowing creator.  I highly recommend his work for further exploration beyond my own.

It is the mark of a true mathematician and scientist to let the facts and patterns reveal the truth, not their own biased opinions.  If you are not a believer in God at the start of your journey with me, I believe that by the end, you may be questioning your view of reality, and if truly open to the truth, will pursue the truth at all costs, no matter where it leads you.

Future Works

The door of the infinite is opening.  I anticipate that there will be more work to be done in the field of Vortex Based Mathematics and in forming a fully precise model for an Information Based Theory of Existence.  As of this moment, we have barely begun to scratch the surface of the grandness of the universe.  We should always strive for more and enjoy the journey along the way.

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