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Infinite Subdivisions

In Infinite Subdivisions, the quest for truth continues.  If you thought the “origin story” was inspired and inspiring, this sequel to A Biblical Perspective will not disappoint.  Picking up right where A Biblical Perspective left off, we pursue an Information Based Theory of Existence modeled using Vortex Based Mathematics (VBM).


Taking nerdom to a whole new level, we see algebraic fractals abound as the super powers of VBM are pushed to the brink, destroying decimals while uniting forms with functions.  Could this really be the beginning of the unification of mathematics?  Tesseracts, the Hopf fibration, the supremacy of the number zero, quantum pathways as seen only in the invisible realm, and much more await you, revealing the name of the one who calls you by name.  Will you answer the call?


Table of Contents

Chapter 1 – Introduction

Chapter 2 – The Ultimate Hero

Chapter 3 – Old Friends

Chapter 4 – Halfway There

Chapter 5 – Drawn and Quartered

Chapter 6 – Gator’s Number Map

Chapter 7 – God’s Cube

Chapter 8 – Discrete Spheres

Chapter 9 – A New Model for Space-Time

Chapter 10 – Beautiful Complexity

Chapter 11 – Putting Things In Perspective

Chapter 12 – The Hopf Fibration

Chapter 13 – Twenty-Four Elders

Chapter 14 – Secrets of the Void

Chapter 15 – Higher Moduli

Chapter 16 – Whispers Of The Infinite

Chapter 17 – A Vision for AI

Chapter 18 – Quantum Computing

Chapter 19 – Light’s Labyrinth

Chapter 20 – Magnificent Obsession

Chapter 21 – Conclusion: He Who Shall Be Named

Appendix A — Toroidal Number Maps

Appendix B — Spiral Number Maps

Appendix C — Generalized Number Maps

Appendix D — Quantum Maps and Pathways



Foreword Written By Dave Blough

Mathematics searches for yet undiscovered patterns existing in our incredibly old universe.  Each pattern found is new to us, but over 14 billion years old by the best estimates.  Each pattern found amazes us, but is probably only a small, simple piece of an unimaginably larger and more complex pattern we fail to see.  In the same way that counting towards infinity brings us no closer to infinity (as counterintuitive as that may seem); our mathematical advances most likely lead us no closer to a comprehensive mathematical understanding of the universe.

Therefore, it must be the journey that is of utmost importance to us, not the destination.  I can think of no person better equipped to serve as our guide on this journey than Steven Bauer.  As you read his book, keep an open mind as Steven leads you to some of the frontiers of math.   Keep your hands in the vehicle but keep your eyes wide open - so you do not miss a thing.

When you turn the last page of the book, the journey need not end.  You decide whether to return from where you came, remain where he has brought you – or push on and continue the journey to wherever it may lead next.  I hope to see you there.


Success is a journey, not a destination.
The doing is often more important than the outcome.
~ Arthur Ashe


Two roads diverged in a wood and I – I took the one less traveled by,
and that has made all the difference
~ Robert Frost

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